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About Word Counter

One of the foremost helpful sorts of SEO tools is that the word counter tool. That helps you identify the full range of words and characters you've got utilized in content while not hunting the trouble of reckoning them one by one. Inside a snap, you'll in real time skills several words square measure there during a sentence, paragraph or article.

Just like different SEO tools, this one is additionally terribly simple to use. It will be employed by each beginner and advanced users while not the assistance of anyone. If you're still uninformed on a way to use this, then all you've got to try to is to repeat your article within the box. Then, click enter. It'll mechanically count the quantity of words and characters in it.

Getting to grasp the Tool higher

Aside from crucial the quantity of words and characters, this tool conjointly permits you to understand the full range of sentences, distinctive words, and paragraphs within the article. Therefore, it offers you additional details than an open Microsoft Word will.

This SEO tool is compatible with any standard web browsers, like Google Chrome, IE, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Therefore, no matter quite a browser you're victimization, it's justified that this tool can work.

That can be used not just for an online page, however conjointly for blogs, books, magazines, essays, newspapers, Facebook posts, novels, G+ Post, Twitter posts and plenty of additional.

That doesn't solely add English. It may also count the words of Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and different languages. It's a tremendous and powerful SEO tool to amass.