Virtual phone number can be the most effective strategic decision taken by a business these days as it is a latest technology for strengthening the communication with the customers. Like any other communication service, virtual phone number is the basis derived from the internet. The main purpose of a virtual phone number is to reach the wide range of customers a business can have. When you come to know about the proper working of a virtual phone number, you will know how it works for strengthening your customer base. A virtual phone number May sometimes not be affordable to small businesses who have just been started, but it is very successful for the businesses who have already established as the cost is compensated with the increase in the number of customers eventually. Every company, whether large or small, uses the virtual telephone system.

Mighty call vs onebox

The type of a virtual phone number more popular in small businesses is onebox. It is the basis the virtual telephone system which lacks the features of auto attendant and call queues. Switch the virtual phone number has. The auto attendant feature automatically receives calls on behalf of the company and is computerised in nature. It greets the customer professionally so that the customers get an image that the company is working more professionally then it is. But the onebox feature doesn’t have the auto attendant as it offers only one extension which is suitable for the business of people who are working alone and is a very cheap option in place of Mighty Call. Small companies who work with the employment of only 2 to 5 people have the most suitable option of using onebox.

The Mighty Call who is a simple virtual telephone system offers you unlimited texting on the plans it offers but onebox offers you limited as you have to pay for texting. One box also doesn’t have the features of softphone capabilities and social media and website in integration.

Businesses must have the entire knowledge of the system as they can only exploit it when they know how to use it. The company needs a human resource competent enough to use such a system that uses high Technology. You must of for the system through a trusted service provider so that you do not face any network issues as the customer base can be anywhere in the world. The success of the system depends upon how efficiently and effectively the system is used. The system is very cost effective and proves to be helping you with reducing the cost of products that you charge the customer. A virtual phone number has a lot of features on offer but the onebox has some Limited features.


There are main advantages of both the types of virtual telephone systems as they offer you with reaching customers worldwide so that you can expand the business. The main aim of every business is fulfilled through the virtual phone number. It is very easy to use the system has this requires no extra machinery to be installed into the business. You just have to choose the service provider you want and pay for the plans that are suitable to you and you are good to go.