The vaporizers are quite popular among the middle class inhabitants who care for their health and also have superior tastes of passing their time in their sweet homes which they prepare in the most delicate ways so as to get the ultimate comforts of the life of their choice. It is true that the vaporizers are liked by the people more than its competitor which is the humidifiers. But the only point which compels the users to think twice is the heating element of the vaporizer which poses as a safety hazard for the home where little ones are also there with all their naughty aspirations. So, when you buy the Pinnacle Pro you always ask about the safety of the heating elements which are used in the vaporizers. It is always better to know something regarding the heating element.

The heating element

Whenever you go for buying a vaporizer the sales man will tell you that their heating element is the best in the market and superior to their competitors in respect of its safety and also durability. The problem which you face is whom should you have to believe and that too on what arguments? The heating element as you know is the integral part of any vaporizer. Its role is to increase the temperature of the air which is essential to catalyze the ingredients when the air is passed through it. In the models where balloon type is used the air is propelled over the heating element by using a pump. This type is known as the volcano vaporizers. The direct inhalation style is known as the Vapor cannon type. There is the other model called the herbalizer in which provision is there for both the balloon as well as the direct inhalation styles. The basic requirement of a heating element is to ensure a correct temperature which you have set based on your requirement. Other health conditions also prevail when one goes for to buy the Pinnacle Pro vaporizer.

Heating element types

  1. Ceramic. Ceramic heating element is the most common type of element used in the market. It is considered to be the cleanest and the healthiest among all the other types of heating elements. The ceramic is able to withstand a very high temperature to the range of 3000 degree Fahrenheit before it begins to transform into gas. So it is the healthiest and the safest.
  2. Aluminum. Many famous manufacturers use aluminum heating elements because they argue that the aluminum responds more precisely to the changes of temperatures. Also the aluminum is able to adjust more easily to the air pressure and flow over the material. This is very important for ensuring perfect control over the temperature and the flow of the vapor. Some critics say about the health hazards of aluminum gas which are found to be baseless in critical analysis by the scientists.
  3. Glass can be considered to be similar to the ceramics as a heating element. But there is not much taker of this heating element. Only in one product named Vapolution Vaporizer uses glass.


With the background of the above information the buyers can now intelligently choose the type which is best suited for their specific use. It all will depend on the requirement of quick response, health issues and of course the cost considerations. The expensive vaporizers use the costly heating elements which being the largest part of the costs that work out the total cost of the vaporizer. So to buy the Pinnacle Pro you can now apply your practical need factor in order to decide the style which will suit your purposes.