When you are watching movie videos or streaming videos online, there might be awesome scene that is so cool and you don’t want to forget. You are wishing that you can capture that scene to become a super cool pic for computer wallpaper or for other things. That is the time when you need a good solution to capture the video smoothly and with best quality result.

We all know there are screen capture tool on the computer but it would be really complicated to capture the right scene and not to mention that the captured result usually poor in quality. It is frustrating that you captured an awesome scene but ended with bad result. What you need is the best video capture software and you can be sure that there’s no better name than Movavi Screen Capture Studio. This software is the best tool to capture scene from various sources. It is compatible with various video player formats, games, video calls, and even online video streaming platform. Compatible with Windows 8 platform makes this software so powerful and highly applicable.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio offers more than easy way to capture video screen to HD pic. There are lots of great feature you can get. It offers easy to use yet very powerful video editing tools allowing you to edit, merge, splits, and even enhance video clips from various sources. Creating screencasts will be very easy and you can add comments, captions, and many other things to personalize the video. It also has built in sharing tool to make you easier to share your video through various online video sharing platforms. Best of all, this screen capture software comes with professional tools but offers user friendly interface. Everyone can easily use various tools without any hassle. There’s no better solution you can get than Movavi Screen Capture Studio.