How to Make Money Via Blogging

Thanks to the digital age, there are more ways to make money than the older traditional methods.  Thanks to the invention of affiliate marketing and online sales, direct and indirect income can be earned courtesy of your own online presence.  One way to do this is with a blog.

Wait, Direct or Indirect?  What’s the Difference?

There are two main categories of income when it comes to Blogs, direct and indirect.

Direct Income comes from income earned via direct sources.  These include advertising and direct links to products through affiliates.   As you continue to build an audience, these forms bring in more and more income over time.

Indirect Income usually stems from attention your blog brings you personally.  For example, several bloggers who have gained very public followings are now making money as public speakers and consultants for the niches they wrote about. The income generated was a result of having the blog, but not from the blog advertising and links itself.

Getting Started

Of course, to make money via a blog, you’ll need to have a blog.  If you don’t already have one set up, that will be your first order of business.

There area number of excellent blog platforms out there that will make setting up your blog as easy as possible. Some popular ones include:

  • Blogger
  • Ghost
  • Joomla
  • Medium
  • Squarespace
  • Tumblr
  • Weebly
  • Wix
  • WordPress

Most options available today come complete with instructions on the best way to get set up.

Start Writing

A successful blog usually has a particular subject area or demographic they cater to.  Creating consistent content is what will attract and keep your audience.  The larger your audience, the larger income potential.

One key way to build and keep your audience is by creating useful content. This means choosing a topic/niche that can help improve people’s lives, not just offer information.

Think exercise workouts versus the history of the squash.

Don’t Wait for Your Readers to Come to You – Go Out and Find Them

To promote your blog, you need to do more than just post articles and share them on your social media posts.

Research other blogs that attract a similar audience to your demographic.  See what they are posting about and read the comments people make.  Once your selected a few targets, you can engage with those audiences in the comment section, developing a rapport.  Eventually, you can begin to promote your own blog this way.  Just make sure you aren’t just inserting a link to your blog in the comments.  You need to be a viable participant in the conversation to be taken seriously and not have your comment deleted from a stream.

Once You Have Them – Talk to Them

A part of keeping your audience is making them feel like they’re part of a community.  This can be accomplished by responding to the comments they leave, engaging in conversations and even posting additional articles based on what the community is chatting about.

Choosing Your Income Streams

There are a few different ways you can make money on your blog.

A common way many bloggers begin is through advertising. This is exactly like it sounds.  Just like on TV and in Magazines, advertisers will pay to get exposure on your blog.  This desired exposure is why building and maintaining an audience is crucial.

After paid advertising comes Affiliate Income.Designed as a result of the digital age, affiliate income is earned via personalized links to particular products.

Most online merchants these days have affiliate marketing programs.  Signing up is usually easy, you just create an account and then choose the products you want to include in your posts.

You will be given a specific link back to each product.  The link tells the merchant site where the click came from.  If the person who clicked on the link makes a purchase, you get a percentage of the sale.

Once you have established an audience that trusts you, they will be willing to make purchased according to your recommendations.

That being said, it’s a good idea only to promote items you know are quality.  It will only take a few bad comments for you to lose the trust you’ve worked so hard to establish.

Finally, there is recurring income.  This type of income is developing a rapid following for bloggers, especially by those who are providing ongoing services, advice, or a community portal.

Recurring income involves charging a fee (monthly, annually, etc.) to access the info, services, or other productyour audience is coming to you for.

For most bloggers, the income generated will come from direct income sources. The amount of income you make will be directly linked to the size and loyalty of your audience and the number of income making sources you provide.

Author Bio: This guest post is written by Matt London in support of, a blog dealing with SEO, digital marketing, blogging, make money blogging, social media etc.