Planning the features of the website for your online store takes a lot of time and thought. As you set up your online store, it’s important to pay close attention to the features of your virtual shopping cart. If customers have a positive experience during checkout, they are more likely to visit your online store again. Consider five features necessary to create a first-rate online shopping cart.


Security is an essential feature of an online shopping cart. A secure shopping cart keeps a customer’s financial information private. In addition, the customer’s name, address, phone number and even their email is protected from hackers and other prying eyes who want to steal information. Ideally, all of the people shopping in your online store should have peace of mind if they want to submit their information and make a purchase.

Clear Instructions

The instructions connected with your online shopping cart should be clear and easy to understand. For instance, customers should know where to type in their delivery information. Also, they should be able to examine the available payment options and choose which one they want to use. You want the checkout process in your online store to be fast and simple.

Cart Inventory Changes Made Easy

A customer who shops in your online store may want to change the color, size or quantity of items in their virtual shopping cart. This should be an easy thing for customers to do. No customer wants to accidentally order the wrong size or color. So, making the process of adjusting an order as easy as possible is in the best interest of an online store owner. Some free shopping cart software makes it very easy for customers to make these sorts of changes as they checkout.

The Ability to Save Data

Another must-have feature to look for as you set up a shopping cart is the ability to save data. For instance, a shopper may have several items in his cart, but needs to step away from the computer. The shopping cart should be able to save all of the data entered into the person’s cart. So, when the customer comes back to the computer, he can continue shopping or simply pay for the items. In addition, the shopping cart should be able to securely store a customer’s payment information if he or she agrees to that special service.

Easy to Apply Promotions

A feature that many shoppers look for in an online shopping cart is the option to enter in promotion codes or special coupon codes to get a percentage off their purchase price. This should be an easy thing for a customer to do. Not surprisingly, the ability to take advantage of promotions for free shipping or a large percentage off a purchase are sometimes enough to lure new customers to an online store. You want to ensure that these customers can take advantage of any promotion.

Lastly, it’s best to put aside an extra amount of prep time to make sure the shopping cart in your online store is fast and effective. A top-quality shopping cart can contribute to the favorable reputation of your online store.